Salesforce 101: How To Clean URLs in Salesforce

Overview One common complaint we get from customers is how inconsistent websites and URLs are stored in the system. Often, reps will include www or https or fail to clean the url params when entering data. Messy data makes it more difficult to identify duplicates, makes matching leads to accounts more difficult and generally makes data governance a pain. One of the first steps we take for all

How to Build a Round Robin in Salesforce

Background The goal of any B2B marketing team is to drive brand awareness, brand association and, ultimately push users to ask for a demo. Most companies fall into the bucket of having almost no leads, and focus purely on outbound efforts. One customer of ours ran into the opposite problem. They were inundated with high quality leads were running into problems, primarily that reps

The Ultimate Guide to Salesforce Flows

Overview Lightning Flows (AKA Flows) can help you automate complex business processes and manual data entry. Flows let you work smarter, not harder, by saving your users’ time and making sure the required tasks are being done. As a Salesforce admin, Flows can be one of the most powerful tools in your toolbelt. When set up properly, Flows can make you look like a