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Kicksaw is growing and we and need someone to help our customers find as much success as possible. This person would be working with customers to identify weaknesses, make strategic recommendations and work with the project management team to see the project delivered on time and on target.

We work with early-to-mid stage tech companies who don't yet have a need for a FTE and give them access to a team with a full spectrum of skills. We're essentially operations support on demand.

If you need a 10 minute call to talk through some API issues with Salesforce or a week long on-site to scope out a new implementation, we handle all of it.

This dynamism means that we get to see a high volume of the day to day challenges our customers face mixed in with long-term projects.

The right person for this role should be able to handle any of these questions with ease:

- How can I build a dashboard in SFDC to understand my sales funnel

- What are some best practices when managing duplicates

- We're struggling with approval processes, opps, quotes, what should we be thinking about?

- We've been on hubspot, how do we migrate to SFDC?

When describing our ideal candidate we're looking for the following:

- Can lead a client onsite solo with a team of Sales and Sales Ops leaders

- Has been a sales operator with direct SFDC experience

- Organized and capable of managing many concurrent projects

- Can speak to the problems B2B tech companies face with sales, marketing, customer success and sales ops.

- Able to build and maintain relationships with customers, in any capacity

If you've read this far, you can tell that we're expecting quite a bit out of this person. It's a really critical hire and we want to measure twice and cut once.

If you're sure that this role speaks to you, you want to work with a company that's fully remote/committed to supporting veterans/focused on quality of life then please apply. No need to send over a cover letter, just include your LinkedIn profile along with your contact information and we'll get back to you as fast as we can!

Looking forward to connecting!

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