Kaizen Podcast

Ep 10: Kyle Lacy - Why SDRs Should Report to Marketing and Not Sales

  • bianca
  • Oct 02 2019

The age old question: Should SDRs report to Marketing or Sales?This is a topic rife with nuance and complexity. Kyle from Lessonly helps wade through the problem with some solid takeaways.

Office Hours Ep #4 - When should I Be Creating New Opportunities

  • bianca
  • Sep 29 2019

  • Today's topic: When should I be creating new opportunities? [00:19]
  • You wouldn't just have a Closed Lost reason for no response received from a prospect? [03:17]
  • What about reaching out to multiple divisions under one account? [05:09]
  • Would reps add contacts to the opportunities? [05:28]
  • What do you use to track how many activities had to happen before a demo could take place? [07:55]
  • What ...

Office Hours Ep #3: When Do I Resurrect a Dead Opportunity vs Open a New One?

  • bianca
  • Sep 26 2019

The age-old question of moving opps to closed/lost and then re-opening. You'll want to consider the ramifications of this on reporting as well as hoarding by reps.

Key topics:

Today's topic: When do I resurrect an opportunity vs create a new one?

Should you reach out to the customer after six months even though it was a Closed Lost?

Can you get rid of the on-hold and move it to the Closed Lost if you want to reengage with the customer soon anyway?

Is there a middle ground that the on-hold was for?

Does your opinion change if it's a new logo opportunity versus an up-sell?

I could be convinced that on-hold makes sense, what are your views?

Will sales reps put stuff on-hold rather moving it to Closed Lost so that they're inflating their win rate?

What percent of your clients would you recommend to not use on-hold?

What are your thoughts on shuffling accounts?

Is there ever a time when you would prefer to resurrect an opportunity?

Office Hours Ep #2: What Are Best Practices When Dealing With Duplicates In SFDC?

  • bianca
  • Sep 25 2019

Duplicates are the bane of every operator's existence. Greg and Kyle dissect why duplicates happen and what you should do about them.

Key topics:

My org has a lot of problems with duplicates. What are some best practices to tackle this issue?

What does it mean to be a duplicate contact, lead or person?

How would you recommend structuring accounts for companies that own multiple companies?

Do you use anything else besides websites as a unique identifier?

If you have a person that has changed companies, should you create a brand new contact or move the contact into a new account?

The idea of being a fresh contact, what do you mean by that?

How would you clean everything up after stopping the influx of duplicates?

Does your team go through the UI or do you use tools for mass merging?

Do you have tools that you use to merge the information?

Does your script auto converge and merge or does it do quarterly batch duplicate catches?

What types of rules or processes would you put in place to prevent the creation of duplicates?

Office Hours Ep #1: Office Hours Explained

  • bianca
  • Sep 25 2019

Office Hours is a new segment of the Kaizen podcast where Greg Dalli and Kyle Morris talk through sales operations best practices for companies of all sizes.

Key topics:

Greg's background

Did you also get more exposure to different problems because of working at more than one company?