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A podcast focused on constant improvement with sales, operations, and technology leaders.

Hosted by Kyle Morris, the Kaizen Podcast takes deep-dive conversations with top sales leaders to learn what today's teams need to succeed.

Office Hours Ep #6: When To Hire

Hiring is one of the biggest differentiators for a growing company and the costs of a mistake are significant. Greg outlines his strategy on hiring, how he identifies talent and his willingness to take chances ...

Office Hours Ep #5: When Managing Projects Should You Gather Requirements Upfront or Expect Change

Project management is complicated enough and you can really hamstring yourself by planning poorly. In this episode Greg and Kyle dig into whether waterfall, agile or some other method of project planning works best!

Ep 12: Kaizen/Gong Co-Podcast - Scrappiness and Doing the Things Others Won't

This is the first half-Kaizen/half-Gong podcast with Adriel Lubarsky. In the first half of the episode Kyle interviews Adriel about scrappiness and in the second half Adriel interviews Kyle about doing things others won ...

Ep 11: Alea Homison – Losers Have Goals, Winners Have Systems

My guest was Alea Homison from AlphaSense. She runs sales strategy and enablement and the topic we initially started on was that losers have goals and winners have systems. We discussed how sales enablement can ...

Ep 10: Kyle Lacy - Why SDRs Should Report to Marketing and Not Sales

The age old question: Should SDRs report to Marketing or Sales?This is a topic rife with nuance and complexity. Kyle from Lessonly helps wade through the problem with some solid takeaways.

Office Hours Ep #4 - When Should I Be Creating New Opportunities

Companies are rarely clear and consistent on their definition of an opportunity. In this episode Greg and Kyle debate whether you open an opp upon first outreach, first meeting, or upon qualification. Don't miss ...

Office Hours Ep #3: When Do I Resurrect a Dead Opportunity vs Open a New One?

The age-old question of moving opps to closed/lost and then re-opening. You'll want to consider the ramifications of this on reporting as well as hoarding by reps.

Key topics:

Today's topic: When ...

Office Hours Ep #2: What Are Best Practices When Dealing With Duplicates In SFDC?

Duplicates are the bane of every operator's existence. Greg and Kyle dissect why duplicates happen and what you should do about them.

Key topics:

My org has a lot of problems with duplicates. What ...

Office Hours Ep #1: Office Hours Explained

Office Hours is a new segment of the Kaizen podcast where Greg Dalli and Kyle Morris talk through sales operations best practices for companies of all sizes.

Key topics:

Greg's background

Did you also ...

Ep 9: Charlie Liang - How to Operationalize Account-Based Marketing

My guest today was Charlie Liang. He and I spoke in-depth about account-based marketing and how companies can get ramped up and all the things you need to consider if you're trying to apply ...