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Gain SFDC data integrity with clean and qualified records to save hours of manual work or disruptions from bad leads.

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The Kicksaw team have been amazingly easy to work with. They have partnered with us to act as an extension of our team to provide support and advice for anything Salesforce related. Not only do they do a great job addressing any tactical work in Salesforce, but they're also able to assist with our strategic initiatives as we grow and experience new challenges.

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The data integrity you seek without losing hours manually cleaning and qualifying your records -- we're here to help.

Make the most of your team’s time

Whether it's for lead data enrichment, business data enrichment, marketing data enrichment, or contact data enrichment, our services enhance cleansing, de-duplication, standardization, and automation.

Automated for industry, revenue, and location

During every data cleansing cycle your records are configured to match SIC codes (Standard Industry Classification) with sub-industry drilldowns, distinguished from mid-market to enterprise with revenue data, and geo-located against North American databases.

Kicksaw customer service

All clients get project and account managers, shared Slack channels, project portals, weekly status meetings, and optional onsite sessions.

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