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Ramp up your team to expert level or get custom Apex / Visualforce development to automate your sales processes.

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As a Co-founder, finding time to execute and manage Salesforce is not feasible. Working with Kicksaw team has given me the capabilities to structure Salesforce in a way that allows me to continue to run and manage the business without the hassle of configuring Salesforce to our likings.

President & Co-founder

Custom Apex / Visualforce projects are led by senior solution architects in an agile development cycle.

Custom development from expert architects

Custom Apex / Visualforce projects receive a thorough discovery and advisory process led by senior solution architects in an agile development cycle. Where possible, we'll also leverage existing software solutions and internal IP to get you a solution built to scale with your organizational needs as quickly as possible.

Superior training and support

Kicksaw can provide all of the skills and sessions your team needs to reach its potential. From weekly meetings, kickoff strategy sessions, or on-site meetings, we'll ramp your team's Sales Ops up as high as possible.

Kicksaw customer service

All clients get project and account managers, shared Slack channels, project portals, weekly status meetings, and optional onsite sessions.

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