Process Optimzation

Modeling, automation, execution, control, and analytics processes for systems, employees, customers, and partners.

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The Kicksaw team has been instrumental in supporting us as we rapidly grow, hiring over 100 people in a year. At the pace we're growing, it's important that we work with Salesforce experts who can provide support having been in the situations we are in and will be in. They do a great job of anticipating the challenges ahead and ensuring we are proactive in addressing them.

Head of Sales Operations

Our business process management consulting merges observation, mapping, strategy, technology, and analysis.

Optimization from top to bottom

Kicksaw takes your business through the exercise of modeling and communicating your processes, automating and smoothening processes with software or training, executing on the learnings, layering in control for the process owner, measuring the impact of the change, and further optimizing based on the goals of the project.

Automation tailored to your team

Scheduled reports, email templates, workflows, and approval processes will be created for business process automation.

Kicksaw customer service

All clients get project and account managers, shared Slack channels, project portals, weekly status meetings, and optional onsite sessions.

More and more satisfied customers everyday

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