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Happy Kicksaw Clients
Todd Lathrop
VP Sales

Kicksaw took our SFDC implementation from vanilla to world class. Fast, flexible, and hugely competent, Kicksaw delivers projects exactly as promised. Their experience as a practitioner in the SaaS space is tremendously valuable; they've tackled these problems before and guided our thinking on how to set up SFDC with future growth in mind. I highly recommend Kicksaw to any sales leader looking for some extra sales ops horsepower.

David Zwerin
Head of Sales Operations

The Kicksaw team has been instrumental in supporting us as we rapidly grow, hiring over 100 people in a year. At the pace we're growing, it's important that we work with Salesforce experts who can provide support having been in the situations we are in and will be in. They do a great job of anticipating the challenges ahead and ensuring we are proactive in addressing them. They are also extremely versatile and can work with anyone on the team to support their needs when it comes to Salesforce.

Elise Eidsness
Green Olive Marketing

Green Olive Marketing has worked with Kicksaw for over a year with a focus on implementing and updating current systems. Kicksaw's knowledge of technology along with their skills to do custom builds are out of this world! They show a commitment to the client and the work by always being willing and able to meet whenever needed to review projects and discuss next steps. I would recommend Kicksaw for anyone looking for a high-level of expertise with

Adam Louie
Sr Dir, Business Ops

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Kicksaw team during our crucial years of laying down a solid foundation of our Salesforce instance, and they have always delivered quality that exceeded our expectations. I was always impressed with not only their ability to build exactly what was requested, but also their thoughtful consultation around items that we might have overlooked during the scoping process. They have saved us many months of work having to go back and remodel previously constructed projects by applying their own best practices from their knowledge of the space and years of experience in the field. Using Kicksaw is one of the best decisions you can make before embarking on any Salesforce related project, and I will continue to refer customers to them whenever I have the opportunity.

Ian Bannister
Business Operations Manager

We've been consistently impressed with Kicksaw's expertise, customer-first approach, and speed. If you're a fast paced operations organization in need of additional Salesforce muscle, I'd highly recommend working with Kicksaw.

Pankaj Jindal
Sense Talent Labs

The folks at Kicksaw have been a true pleasure to work with. Not only are they CRM experts, they also understand the Sales Ops Process deeply, which allows them to consult and not just execute. We have automated several time consuming processes using their help and they are our go-to resource for anything that is 'tricky' to accomplish within Salesforce. I would highly recommend them to anybody without hesitation.

Jon Lipinski
President & Co-founder
Ecopia Tech Corporation

As a Co-founder, finding time to execute and manage Salesforce is not feasible. Working with Kicksaw team has given me the capabilities to structure Salesforce in a way that allows me to continue to run and manage the business without the hassle of configuring Salesforce to our likings. They are extremely responsive and quick to any changes or edits we wanted to make and continue to act as a resource for my own for any requests that come about.

Jessica Brook
Sr Demand Gen Manager

The Kicksaw team have been amazingly easy to work with. They have partnered with us to act as an extension of our team to provide support and advice for anything Salesforce related. Not only do they do a great job addressing any tactical work in Salesforce, but they're also able to assist with our strategic initiatives as we grow and experience new challenges. They take the time to listen and understand our needs and bring quality solutions to the table. We look forward to continuing to work with Kicksaw!

Paul Odnoletkov
Sr Dir of Marketing

In an effort to bolster our Salesforce instance and instil best practices, we worked with Kicksaw to ensure we were building the Salesforce foundation properly from the bottom up. They helped ensure our instance was clean and manageable, our processes made sense for our business and we had a full grasp on all Salesforce related initiatives. They were extremely thorough with all their work and responsive whenever we required support. I'll definitely be working with them in the future whenever Salesforce related work comes about.


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