Kicksaw is a veteran-owned business

As part of the Vetforce Alliance, we’re committed to hiring veterans and their spouses whenever possible. In addition, we've taken the 1% pledge and are actively seeking new ways to support our community. Vetforce is Salesforce’s job training and career accelerator program for U.S. military service members, veterans, and spouses. Through this community, Salesforce connects Vetforce members to free training, classes, and career opportunities within the SFDC ecosystem. Currently, the program already has 6,000 members and aims to have more than 35,000 by 2023.

SFDC Administrator [100% Remote]

Our SFDC Admins make up the core of our team and we're looking for more!

SFDC Sales Ops Strategist [100% Remote]

Looking for a role that allows you to flex your strategic muscles? This is it!

SFDC Solution Architect [100% Remote]

Projects don't get completed without a competent solution architect, we hope you're the perfect fit!

The Kicksaw Company Values

We value a work-life balance for our team to perform at the highest level and a militant devotion to our clients’ goals.

We work to live, not live to work.

We work as a remote-first company.

We seek veterans for every position.

We value extreme ownership, always.

We go outside whenever possible.

Why Vetforce?

Salesforce has grown from a company into an indepensable platform used by over 150,000 organizations of all sizes worldwide. If they have clients, they have Salesforce. They pretty much invented the acronym CRM used for Customer Relationship Management. Since it's become so vital and prominent as a platform, the roles required within organizations to manage it have blossomed. From administrators and developers, to consultants and analytics -- that's just the beginning.

With that, achieving the certifications to earn one of those roles is expensive -- that's where Vetforce comes in. All of the training and certifications come free! You can boost your resume, gain skills, and launch a prominent career with top tier clients. Plus you'll be part of a large and growing veteran community waiting to mentor and encourage you.

Whether you're a transitioning service member, military spouse, or have already left (no matter when), it is the perfect time to join Vetforce and get going on advancing your career.