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How To Opt-Out of Automatically Transitioning to Salesforce Lightning Experience

  • kyle
  • Mar 25 2019

Salesforce has been on a big push lately to get users over to lightning. They've made it clear that new features will be lighting-only and are auto-migrating instances in the next release cycle.

That said, there are still many issues with Lightning: The UI is slow, many features that worked in Classic will not work with Lighting and in many situations you'll need to switch between Classic and Lightning to ...

Salesforce 101: Roles vs Profiles

  • kyle
  • Jan 30 2019

TLDR; Roles determine your position within the hierarchy and profiles determine what data you can see

It seems like almost every day we get a question from a client asking: "Can you set person X's role to System Administrator so they can see everything?"

Not only does that sentence not make sense(roles and profiles are different) it underscores how confusing Salesforce is for non-technical users.

Let's start with ...

The Most Critical Skill of a Salesforce Admin: Defining an Object

  • kyle
  • Jan 17 2019

Time and again we have conversations with clients who are complaining about a system that's slow, hard to use and generally confusing. They come to us begging for help because their opportunities/accounts/etc have become bloated and unusable. They've spent years adding crap to Salesforce and don't have the architectural skills to get out of this mess due to so many dependencies.

The bad news for our customers is ...

Salesforce Inspector: The Best Tool for Mass Updating Records in Salesforce

  • kyle
  • Jan 14 2019

As an early admin of Salesforce my first tasks were doing data cleanups of our accounts and contacts. Cleaning up 100k accounts with Salesforce's data loader was a nightmare, workbench can work but has major limitations and has a limit of 10k records per month.

The challenge I faced was that this task didn't just happen from time to time, I was doing cleanup of thousands of records ...

3 Top Mistakes Companies Make Implementing Salesforce

  • kenny
  • Dec 27 2018

As companies go down the route of purchasing and implementing Salesforce, implementing CRM best-practices along with the software is often an afterthought. Most teams skip this step and move into Opportunity Stage management, reports and dashboards and other shiny aspects of the implementation. While those elements can certainly produce a great deal of value, the key to a good Salesforce deployment is forming habits that ensure you have a clean ...